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back to earth
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the best
vegetables there
can be.

Regional. Seasonal. Climate friendly.

Tired of produce that lacks nutrition and flavour because it was harvested too early, shipped through long supply chains and treated with synthetic fertiliser? So are we!

At greenspot, we farm vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs that ripen on the vine until the very end. This means more minerals, more vitamins and more for you and your health. Because that’s our mission: top quality that is affordable and good for both people and nature.

Dashed Frame
Dashed Frame

a future-fit
concept: back
to nature.

greenspot is revolutionising farming and marketing.

The greenspot system implements the European Farm-to-Fork Strategy through an innovative concept: by combining regenerative farming, digital direct marketing and regional delivery in one provider. The scalability is also revolutionary: thanks to turnkey greenspot farms, our system works worldwide and can be adapted to regional climates.


small-scale farming
is changing the world.

greenspot farms

From farm to fork

greenspot farms

Our field layout was modelled after nature and delivers the finest quality of vegetables. At the same time, we’re regenerating entire ecosystems, relying on the principle of diversity by using permaculture. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries and herbs grow in a closed ecosystem according to the oasis principle. They are protected by agrivoltaics, which provide the energy needed for production and delivery. This offers clear advantages to traditional agriculture:

  • No pesticides or genetic engineering
  • Soil becomes more fertile
  • CO2 is bound
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Resilience against climate change
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From farm to fork

We have developed a short, transparent and decentralised supply chain that guarantees that customers get fresh, nutritious produce straight from the greenspot farms. By removing wholesalers and retailers from the equation, we also remove their packaging, processing and long transport routes to deliver never-before-seen quality while fostering local economic cycles.

  • Digital direct marketing
  • Regional food sovereignty
  • Transparent supply chains that eliminate excessive transport
  • Fair prices for farmers and consumers
  • Short supply chains = sharp CO2 reduction
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small space. huge efficiency.

1 greenspot hectare:

of energy

Supplies approx. 50 families*
* At an annual consumption of 3,000 kWh

of vegetables

using regenerative
permaculture farming

more revenue

compared to conventional
monoculture agriculture

humus development

as the most sustainable method
of soil improvement


or chemical


through a variety of
crops and habitats

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farm better.
not bigger.


a liveable tomorrow.
a worthwhile today.

An organic lifestyle pays for itself. For everyone.

For farmers

For consumers

For investors

Dashed Frame

for the next


big innovation:
small investment.

Innovative. Sustainable. Profitable.

You can join as a small investor for as little as 1,000 euros – so that everyone can be involved. An investment in a future concept that reflects on a life in harmony with our resources – a life where idealism and ROI go hand in hand.

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We are also looking for

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    Partners from agriculture
    and science

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    (from 1 hectare)

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    (from 10 hectares)

next steps.

Coming Soon: 2025

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we’re greenspot.
are you on board?

Shaping the future.

Our company represents a sustainable transformation in the farming and marketing of healthy produce. We want more than organic. We believe that fostering diverse, regenerative cultivation and returning to regionality are the keys to a liveable future where everyone has access to healthy produce.

We combine experience and expertise from entrepreneurship, agriculture, finance and brand building. With this knowledge, we are establishing a transparent agriculture brand that is driving real change on the market.

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Julia Hölzer (Co-Founder and COO)
Dashed Frame
Martin Ruesch (Co-Founder and CEO)


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